Sacmi Nanhai

Who we are


SACMI is an international group manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging , Food and Automation industries - markets in which it is a recognized worldwide leader. The strengths of both sides of the business lie in the application of innovative technology, the well-established position the group holds on international markets and its commitment to research in order to ensure consistent top quality and service to the client.

The Group consists of  80 companies, has production plants and support companies in 26 countries and employs about 4300 people. Thousands of Sacmi machine are in use all over the world and exports account for around 85% of total business.

The core business of Sacmi Group is designing and building machines and complete plants for the ceramics industry - an area in which Sacmi is the undisputed world leader.

Continuous investment in research, unwavering promotion of technological innovation, conscientious attention to product and service quality, effective responses to the real needs of world markets, extreme flexibility in taking advantage of technological synergies and carrying out operative integration in widely differing industries. These ,in short, are the winning strategies that have allowed the Sacmi Group to become a major international plant engineer in key sectors of the economy.

The hub of Sacmi’s overall strategy is the so-called Global Network: a group of companies located on different continents, within their outlet markets, capable of supplying customers with fast, efficient assistance service – a must for all leading international enterprises.
These are the reason why Sacmi group decided to open a new company in China.

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